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We are 2M Media Group, a full-service creative media production company. In today’s rapidly evolving time, we believe that “Content is the king” and it’s the key to convey the messages to targeted audiences.

People are facing many conflicts and are divided by countless differences. We want to bring people together by sharing real-life, ordinary people's lives stories around us. We appreciate the tenacity in going through their low points in life; we spotlight on their highlighted moments in life. Our stories call to mind the beauty around you and in life.

Headquartered in New York City, with office locations in Washington DC, Beijing (China) and Köln (Germany). Combined with in-depth, local knowledge of the promising markets, our diverse international teams offer the best professional expertise from around the world.

We offer comprehensive media production, media relations, global distributions, and much more. From studio interviews to feature-length documentaries, our professional production teams and on-air personalities deliver the most compelling visual content for international media networks and video platforms.

We tell people stories! We bring visions to reality!