Studio Production 

Studio production is the process of recording and producing video within a fixed studio environment. Studio production has been a crucial part of multiple kinds of productions including television news anchoring, talk shows, and interactive art.

We provide the physical basis and professional technical support to our clients for the acquisition of in-studio raw footage for post-production.

We proudly present one of our best studio productions:

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Field Production

Field production is dependent upon the choice of location. For each situation, we set the sight to fit your show perfectly and work fast to assemble the equipment. The raw footage from the sight is ready to shine in your story.

Field productions require perfect scheduling and fast responses to those unexpected arisen situations. Each location possesses aits unique situation. With a flexible and professional crew, we provide full services of support for field production.

We proudly present one of our best field productions, for which we had traveled across America and China to capture the stories:

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