One of our best location production highlights is “Trending China”. From hot pot to Michelin-starred restaurant, from Chinese traditional chamber music to popular Rainbow Chamber Singers, from AI Robotic startup ForwardX to a former soldier in the French Foreign Legion, we travel to many locations in China to discover the most interesting people and their stories.

“Trending China” is a 30-minute magazine-style TV series, produced by 2M Media Group and partnered with China Xinhua News Network. The series showcases snapshots of Chinese and foreigners living and working in China and Chinese living and working in the US. We travel to many destinations to find compelling stories of people from different walks of life. We aim to present our audiences: China’s modern lifestyle, new innovations, technological development and cultural trends driven by rapid economic growth.

Trending China | A Writer’s 10-Year Literary Journey in China

Michael Meyer was a young Greenpeace volunteer who arrived in China by chance during China’s rapid economic growth. After 10 years in China, Michael Meyer transformed himself from a young student to a mature writer and father. He recalled it as a life-changing experience. It made him a better writer, a better teacher, and even a better person.

Trending China | In the End, Love Conquers All

People are divided by race, color, and other countless factors. This story is about how love brings the world together and how LOVE CONQUERS ALL. A boy from Las Vegas met a girl from Chengdu. Mike Webster and Ai Ching's love story started with a “duck, duck, goose” game. After years of traveling back and forth in a long-distance relationship, they got married and now run “Mike's Pizza” restaurant in Chengdu.

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